You may need to use computer to implement the whole procedure.

TimeSheettyU make the schedule easy!

To automatically extract schedule from your CityU AIMS into your calendar Apps! AUTOMATICALLY!

Here is TimeSheettyU, making schedule into your Calendar App, AUTOMATICALLY, reminder setting, weekly detecting, extendable, and simplifying your timetable!

There are 2 methods:

You may want this Chrome Extension to help you finish it easily. Click Here to see instruction!
Or Follow the instructions to do it manually.

1. Open the "My Detail Schedule" in AIMS and see the source code;
[don't know how to view source code?]

2. Copy the page's source code into the text box below;

3. Use your phone to scan the QR Code to download the calendar file and ENJOY!

You'd better use a new calendar to store the schedule (making the choice while opening the schedule file), in case your schedule is changing and if so you can simply remove the whole calendar then create a new one.